MODSafe - Modular Urban Transport Safety and Security Analysis

Client: EU, Europäische Kommission

The European Urban Guided Transport Systems (Light Rail, Metro as well as Tram and Regional Commuter) are characterized by a highly diversified landscape of safety requirements, safety models, responsibilities and roles in safety approval, acceptance and certification schemes. The EU R&D Project MODSafe is aimed to undertake research of major steps of the Safety Life Cycle of urban guided transport systems in Europe. It is seen as the European R&D project giving the basis for future European harmonization and standardization in safety and security approval of urban guided transport (UGT) systems. The project started in 2008 and is completed in 2012.

The MODSAFE consortium includes a representative number of transport research institutions and consulting companies, railway supply industry enterprises and urban rail transport operators, as well as UITP and UNIFE. The major challenge of the project is consensus-building and balancing of the interests of the different stakeholder groups / countries. While the needs of the operators of the systems in the EU Member States are taken as a priority, the different views of the industry on the processes and methods used for safety certification and approval of UGT systems must be considered and brought together onto one mutual basis.

Rail&Bus Consultants participates in the MODSafe project Work Packages 6 to 10 and deals with both major topics of Safety and Security. In regard to safety, the main task consists in building a general consensus and representing the German interests (in cooperation with VDV - German Association of public transport operators) in the design of a proposal for future European harmonized processes and common general aspects of safety acceptance, approval and certification of guided urban transport systems. This task is closely connected to analysis of the different safety aspects in the European Member States with a special focus on Germany.

On the field of security, Rail&Bus Consultants has the responsibility for structuring the work on documentation of the existing different security approaches in the European Member States and development of common guiding principles.

In superordinate WP 10, Rail&Bus Consultants has the responsibility to liaise and ensure appropriate cooperation between other work packages, to put in place the consensus building process along the global MODSAFE project at the methodological and technical levels and to ensure the coherence of the entire project.

EU, 2008-2012

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