Arriyadh Comprehensive Public Transport Bus Plan

Client: ADA Arriyadh Development Authority

Comprehensive Public Transport Bus Plan Project i has the task to design an integrated system including Bus Rapid Transit, Conventional Bus and Feeder Bus services in detail and full scope.

The project includes the following work packages:

  • Demand estimation under consideration of population growth and city developments for year 2020
  • Definition of detailed bus network layout according to the ridership computations and transportation patterns
  • Traffic assessment and estimation of modal split shifting (VISUM software)
  • Detailed Operation & Maintenance concept
  • Detailed design & engineering of:
          •     route infrastructure (bus lanes, stations, transfer facilities, park & ride facilities)
        •     ITS systems including OCC, AVM, RTPI and AFC systems (option: Journey Planner)
        •     vehicles & maintenance facilities (depot & workshop)
        •     bus priority construction measures
        • Economical feasibility & cost-benefit analysis
  • Financial Appraisal & detailed implementation plan
  • Preparation of Tender Documents for a DBOM project
  • Institutional set-up of Riyadh Public Transport Authority
  • PPP & legal advice

Riad, Saudi Arabia 2008-2010

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