Privatization of Intercity Bus Passenger Services

Client: Ministry of Transportation, Saudi-Arabien

Along with the overall development program for the Kingdom, the Government is striving to establish sustainable, attractive and economically viable intercity bus services throughout the country.
This shall be achieved by introducing competition in the market, where presently a single monopolistic company has control.

Our partner LRTC has been awarded the contract to develop the market model and its im-plementation strategy, aiming at opening the market for competition, attracting private in-vestment and new operators and promoting service quality.

Rail&Bus Consultants GmbH has elaborated the following work packages:
System review based on available operational data
Elaboration of proposal for introduction of concession areas (route bundles)
Development of concessioning model, policies on route packages
Development of model for funding of non-profitable routes
Elaboration of the detailed contract conditions tackling
Operational concept
Vehicle standards
Staff requirements
Infrastructure requirements etc
Proposal on the tendering procedure and method on selection of concessionaires

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