Rolling Stock Procurement for Wuppertal Monorail System

Client: WSW mobil GmbH, Wuppertal

WSW mobil GmbH is operating the world-famous Wuppertal monorail system with 27 vehicles along the 13 km overhead route. The system constitutes the backbone of the city public transport carrying up to 70,000 passengers every day.

The trackway and the operation equipment of the system were gradually replaced in the past years in order to increase the service capacity and safeguard the civil structures. The new installed operation control system enables headways up to 120s and will further contribute to the service attractiveness.

A modern rolling stock fleet shall also replace the old vehicles that have been operating since 1970s. The new fleet will bring higher cost effective¬ness to the operator and offer barrier-free access for the passengers with impaired mobility.

Rail&Bus Consultants GmbH provided consultancy services for the planned EU-wide procurement process, including the following services:

  • Revision of technical specifications and standards catalogue
  • Conceptual and structural revision of the tender documents
  • Advice on suitable tendering procedure in conformity with the procurement law
  • Preparation of a comprehensive workshop on various topics including RAMS, contract design, quality assurance, evaluation criteria, acceptance procedure, etc.
  • Advice on various design and engineering issues
  • Preparation and performance of tendering procedure for aesthetical and functional design services for the new rolling stock
  • Support in contract drafting
  • Final preparation of the complete tender document package
  • Review and evaluation of the proposals
  • Organization and consultancy support during proposal clarification and negotiation rounds
  • Preparation of the contract award

Wuppertal, Germany. 2009-2011

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