Electrical Trains for Izmir Commuter Rail System

Client: Izmir Greater Municipality, Türkei

The city of Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey with the total population of over 3 Mio citizens. The public transport is dominated by bus services. Additionally a light rail line offers connection along the East-West corridor and links the suburbs and the southern downtown.

The project scope includes design, implementation and commissioning of a high-capacity commuter rail service on the basis of the existing but outdated suburban rail infrastructure along the North-South corridor. The project started back in 2003 by the Joint Venture of LRTC GmbH (subsidiary of Rail&Bus Consultants GmbH) and a local engineering partner.

The operating company IZBAN will procure 33 electrical 3-car trains for this system. Rail&Bus Consultants supports this process with the following services:

  • Review of available studies
  • Development & evaluation of alternative vehicle concepts
  • Recommendation on necessary adjustments on the available documentation in compliance with the new procurement regulations
  •  Elaboration of the technical specifications, RAMS requirements and test proce-dures
  • Consultancy support of the Client in various engineering and design aspects
  • Management of static / dynamic manufacturing and acceptance tests
  • Support during commissioning and operation start-up phase

Izmir, Turkey Seit 2003

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