Feasibility Study for an electric bus operation in the City of Neuss

Client: SWN – Stadtwerke Neuss

The German Federal Govern­ment set a political goal to reduce the energy consumption in transport by 40% by 2050 as compared to 2005. Public Transport Companies through­out the country must play an important role to meet this challenging requirement. The deployment of electric vehicles is a feasible option to contribute to the sustainable mobility goals and protect the environment.

Stadtwerke Neuss SWN, the municipal public transport company in the City of Neuss, plans to introduce electric operation on their bus lines. Back in 2011 the first series of 7 hybrid buses were procured and tested, in the next step the installation of the charging infrastructure to introduce a fully-electric operation with battery buses is being considered now.

The purpose of the feasibility study, performed by Rail&Bus Consultants, is to analyze the bus line network and to identify those lines that will best fulfil the requirements for a fully electric operation under consideration of the available technical solutions. The analysis is supported by cost assessment for the investment and the operation phases and the analysis of available options for public funding.

During stage 2 of the project stepwise implementation plans will be elaborated for the scenarios, proposed and agreed in stage 1. The necessary steps to apply and receive the public subsidies for project implementation will be defined. Each implementation plan will include a description of the recommended activities and implementation steps such as vehicle procurement, infrastructure installment or driving / maintenance staff training.

Additionally a detailed cost assessment for investment (vehicles, charging infrastructure, maintenance facilities) and operation (energy consumption, staff) will be prepared. Finally, the implementation time schedule including definition of single tasks and responsibilities and the financial planning will be developed for project implementation.

As the overall study result, Rail&Bus Consultants will assess the available options, define the best implementation scenario and elaborate the detailed action plan for the project implementation within the next 5 to 10 years including the funding strategy, time schedule and financial planning.

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