Consulting support for the implementation of the electrical bus operation in Jena

Jenaer Nahverkehr GmbH

The German city of Jena is planning to introduce electric bus operation on one test bus line.

The electric operation is locally emission free and has a very low noise level. As such it is best qualified for busy central districts and residential areas.

Rail&Bus Consultants supports the client with a comprehensive overview of market-available technologies and products that have proven their availability and reliability. Backed by our extensive know-how of the manufacturing industry, different alternatives are evaluated and best-practice solutions are identified and demonstrated.

Nevertheless, each operational application differs in regard to line lengths, stop distances, topography, etc. Tailored solutions are required that use the specific strengths and characteristics of different available concepts Following the comprehensive market survey, the solution with the best value for the city of Jena will be developed to  provide the highest level of efficiency and reliability.