2nd Series of Low Floor Tram Procurement for the Regional Tram Project of Tyrol Central Area

Client: Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn (IVB) GmbH

IVB is operating four urban tramway lines and the regional line „Stubaitalbahn“. It is also planned to expand and upgrade the system to an integrated urban-regional Light Rail network in the near future.

The existing fleet which was partly over 40 years old has been gradually replaced by modern rolling stock of 100% low-floor technology during the last years with support from Rail&Bus Consultants.

In the frame of an EU-wide tender process now a second series of trams is to be pur-chased.

The following services are being performed by Rail&Bus Consultants:

  • Elaboration of client requirement specifications
  • Support of EU-wide tender process
  • Examination and evaluation of proposals
  • Consultancy support at negotiations
  • Recommendation on contract award
  • Consultancy support during elaboration of detailed technical specifications

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Marc Herkenrath, Dipl.-Wirt. Ing.

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