E-Bus for Osnabrück

Stadtwerke Osnabrück

The City of Osnabrück has been consequently developing solutions to introduce e-mobility in urban transport. Besides the existing e-bikes and e-cars, two small battery buses already operate on a feeder bus line.

Soon this single application should be extended to include all interurban bus services in Osnabrück. However, due to battery capacities, e-bus operation in full scope is not possible without some recharging possibilities during the day. Therefore some line sections should be equipped with overhead catenary lines for vehicle re-charging while in operation. A feasibility study, performed earlier, proved this to be a possible solution for the urban bus network.

Overhead catenary lines are however controversial in regard to their visual presence in the urban space and, besides that, require capital investment cost. Therefore Stadtwerke Osnabrück has decided to examine in detail two selected line sections in Martinistr. and Bremer Str. to identify feasible technical solutions for the catenary line and assess the expected urban impact and the corresponding investment cost.

Rail&Bus Consultants GmbH supported Stadtwerke Osnabrück in the decision finding process. The possible technical solutions for the overhead lines were checked during site visits and discussed with the Client. In course of the project Rail&Bus Consultants preformed the necessary cost estimations and prepared visuals and graphs to evaluate the future urban Impacts.

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