Barrier-free Design for Rheinbahn Tram Stops

Client: Rheinbahn AG

Rheinbahn AG operates Duesseldorf Light Rail Transit System with 20 LRT lines of more than 150 km length. However, at some stops tram access is provided from street level. To enable barrier-free accessibility of the system, Rheinbahn plans to adapt the stops along tram line 704.

The stops should be redesigned to allow the trams to stop directly at the platform edge for a barrier-free entry. The changes in platform position will require redesign of the adjacent street area and adjustment of the track alignment to the new platform edge.

Under contract with Rheinbahn AG, Rail&Bus Consultants elaborates detailed design and design for approval for several tram stops. The design services include barrierfree reconstruction of the stops, track alignment design and the relevant redesign of the adjacent street area. Rail&Bus Consultants also acts as the design coordinator for other project partners for the relevant design tasks such as telecommunications and cabling.

The following services are performed by Rail&Bus Consultants:

  • Detailed design for track facilities (HOAI 1-4)
  • Elaboration of design documents for track adjustment works
  • Preparation of the design documents for public funding application
  • Project coordination with client and subcontractors

Duesseldorf, Germany 2012

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