Zichtenburg depot & workshop re-design

Client: Stadsgewest Haaglanden, Den Haag

Stadsgewest Haaglanden is the Public Transit Authority for the Hague greater area. Stadsgewest Haaglanden in co-operation with the Hague PT Operator HTM is responsible for the Public Transport in the region.

The high-floor fleet of The Hague LRT System should be replaced with modern low-floor vehicles. These new vehicles will be even longer, wider and will therefore need bigger radii in curves. To satisfy these requirements an adaptation of the depot and workshop area at Zichtenburg has to take place.

Stadsgewest Haaglanden in its role as authority for subsidies contracted Rail&Bus Consultants for a 2nd opinion on the planning done by the operator HTM. The operational functionality and sustainability of the redesign proposal was especially to be reviewed. During the elaboration some alternatives for depot and workshop adaptation have been developed for comparison. The comparison was based on the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with the new vehicle generation (sufficient radii)
  • Conflicts during leaving depot for service (immediate effects to time table / operation)
  • Conflicts during return to depot
  • Conflicts with workshop shunting
  • Needs of supervision / ride protection
  • Scope & scale of reconstruction measures
  • Impacts on the neighbouring urban areas and the residents

By the development of alternatives and the moderation of a workshop by Rail&Bus Consultants an improved alternative solution was developed under full consideration of both the authority’s and the operator’s requirements.

THe Hague, The Netherlands 2011

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