Dynamic envelope analysis in Düsseldorf Light Rail System

Client: Rheinbahn AG

Rheinbahn AG operates the Düsseldorf tram and Light Rail systems, which include 20 lines with the overall length of approx. 150 km. A new high-floor vehicle “HF6” is planned for operation on the LRT lines and a preliminary check of its compliance with the system infrastructure was to be made.

Rail&Bus Consultants GmbH performed the dynamic envelope analysis, investigated the loading gauge to the track way / road structures and identified the critical track sections and points.

The following services were performed:

  • Dynamic envelope analysis (CAD 400 software);
  • Verification of the vehicle-specific loading gauge in regard to track & road structures;
  • Evaluation of the critical system points; identification of track sections with necessary adjustments.

Duesseldorf, Germany 2009-2010

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