Re-Design of LRT Track Alignment in Düsseldorf

Client: Rheinbahn AG

Rheinbahn AG operates the Düsseldorf tram and Light Rail systems, which include 20 lines with the overall length of approx. 150 km.

It is expected that the traffic volumes will increase substantially in the area of Dues-seldorf Media Port as a result of its ongoing reconstruction. To cope with the high transportation demand the city intends to integrate this area in the overall PT system through various development measures. One of such measures was the present pro-ject, aimed at re-design of double-tracked LRT junctions in the area of the major in-tersection.

The scope of the project, implemented by Rail&Bus Consultants, was to optimize the LRT track alignment and introduce a new double track junction based on the existing tracks. The design documentation was updated to integrate the new design of the intersection and the complex gradient & vertical alignment design documentation was elaborated.

The main challenge of the project was to plan the construction process under the condition of an undisturbed revenue operation.

Duesseldorf, Germany 2009-2010

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