Workshop Design for Karaj Metro System, Iran

Client: SABIR Construction Company

Karaj is a city of about 2.6 million inhabitants and is located about 40 km to the west of Tehran. Both cities are linked by an suburban railway line. For the inner-urban transport service a heavy metro system of total 3 to 4 routes shall be implemented. Within the current project the focus was set on the detailed design of the metro line 2.

After system conceptual planning that was performed in first project stage, Rail&Bus Consultants was responsible for detailed design of the metro workshop & stabling area including the following services:

  • Analysis of various locations based on operational, topographical and financial aspects
  • Definition of functions and traffic relations as well as pre-dimensioning if the site
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Layout, track alignment, road planning, dimensioning and functional zoning of the buildings (workshops, stabling hall, operational and administrative buildings)
  • Development of quality standards for further extensions

Karaj, Iran 2008-2009

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