Mass Rapid Transit Systems Bhopal / Indore – Depot/Workshop Concepts for two Metro Systems in India

Client: Rohit Associates Pvt. Ltd.

The cities of Bhopal and Indore are two emerging metropolitan areas in India’s central province of Madhya Pradesh. The population numbers of about 1 Million each tend to double within the next 30 years.

To cope and to structure the expected traffic demand it is planned to implement “Light Metro” systems in each of the cities. Construction shall be mainly elevated, partly at grade and tunneled.

Considering the operational, economic as well as urbanistic and topographic aspects a concept for dimensions, equipment and locations of Depots and Workshops was to be developed for both systems.

Rail&Bus Consultants has been providing the following services:

  • Analysis of the designed line network to identify preferred locations under operational and economic aspects
  • Classification of depots with regards to allocated services
  • Determination of requirements for the dimensioning of the required properties
  • Coordination with local authorities and on-site visits to verify the suitability
  • Layout development, dimensioning and functional zoning of the facilities (workshops, stabling areas, administration building)
  • Definition of recommended equipment
  • Preparation of related reports and presentations

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