Izmir Commuter Rail System

Client: Izmir Greater Municipality, Türkei

The city of Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey with the total population of over 3 Mio citizens. The public transport is dominated by bus services. Additionally a light rail line offers connection along the East-West corridor and links the suburbs and the southern downtown.

The project scope includes design, implementation and commissioning of a high-capacity commuter rail service on the basis of the existing but outdated suburban rail infrastructure along the North-South corridor. The project started back in 2003 by the Joint Venture of LRTC GmbH (subsidiary of Rail&Bus Consultants GmbH) and a local engineering partner. Rail&Bus Consultants team has been working on the project within the LRTC group since 2007.

The scope of services includes the following work packages:

  • Revision of preliminary studies for completeness and consistency
  • Identification of further elaboration needs and missing detailing level
  • Elaboration of individual high performance operation concept under considera-tion of the mainline heavy rail traffic and freight trains on the same track
  • Analysis of existing track scheme and proposals for operational improvements
  • Detailed system engineering and preparation of final tender documents of the following issues:
            1. Signalling and Train Protection System for 80 km double track line
            2. Specification and Procurement of about 50 EMU Train Sets
            3. 1 Depot with Light and Heavy Maintenance Workshops
            4. 2 additional Stabling Yards
            5. Catenary  system extension
            6. Installation of an Operation Control Center (OCC) as well as Passenger Information and  Telecommunication System
            7. Integrated Ticketing Concept including Metro, Bus and Ferry
  • Support of tender procedure and bid evaluation
  • Supervision of manufacturing and construction works
  • Accompanying of start and initial period of operation

Izmir, Turkey Since 2003

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