Passenger Transport System (PTS) at Frankfurt Airport

Client: Fraport AG, Frankfurt/Main

At Frankfurt International Airport a new terminal 3 is to be constructed in order to extend the airport capacity.

A passenger transport system shall link this future terminal 3 to the both existing terminals 1 and 2 and the railway station in the North of the airport area. The ambiti-ous framework requirements shall determine the system mode and type.

The project on system definition and system development is implemented in several major phases; the scope of services included the following packages:

1. System design
- Definition of system requirements and system comparative analysis
- System concept and simulation
- Operation and emergency concept
- Evacuation and rescue concept
- Study on alternative workshop solutions
- Evaluation of construction phases
- Cost assessment

2. Tender preparation
- Definition of tendering procedure
- Elaboration of tender documents



3. Tendering support

- Analysis and comments on the indicative bids
- Evaluation of the final bids

Frankfurt, Since 2005

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