Karachi Bus Rapid Transit – Green and Orange Line Ticketing System as Part of ITS


The Pakistan Ministry of Communications under assistance of Karachi Infrastructure Development Company LTD (KIDCL) and Transport and Mass Transit Department, Government of Sindh awarded BLIC Group to elaborate Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for Karachi Integrated Intelligent Transport System (IITS).

The project is implemented within the implementation framework of the Karachi Mass Transit Plan. Rail & Bus Consultants GmbH as part of BLIC Group provides competence in specific PT operation-related aspects, specifically in development of fare structure as the basis for the design of the technical equipment of the fare collection system.

The City of Karachi is the capital of the province Singh and the biggest city in Pakistan with about 15 Million inhabitants. A BRT system of five to six lines is now under development to become the City‘s backbone public transport system. The Green and Orange lines will be the first to start operation. The focus is therefore set on the requirements of these two lines and the extendibility of the fare system to all BRT lines, including transfer interfaces to suburban rail, standard bus and feeder systems.

As part of its services, Rail & Bus Consultants elaborated recommendation on the future Fare Structure and Ticketing Strategy for Karachi BRT system to lay the basis for the further planning of the IITS system. 

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