Feasibility Study for a High-Performance Regional Traffic Link between Haifa and Nazareth (Israel)

Yefe Nof Transportation Infrastructures and Building Ltd., Haifa, Israel

Simultaneous to the construction of a highway between Haifa and Nazareth, a fast and high-performance public traffic link is to be implemented.

Special challenges are caused by ambitious topography with multiple gradients of more than 80 ‰ over distances of about 1 km as well as the target of travel times less than 30 min. for the line length of about 36 km.

Under consideration of any requirements, restraints and interfaces an optimal system solution is to be chosen from the complete range of public traffic systems within the frame of a multi-stage procedure.

The following services have thus been performed by Rail&Bus Consultants:

  • System Comparison Rapid Bus / Trolley Bus / Low-floor Light Rail / High-floor Light Rail / Regional Railways
  • Comparison of different Power Supply alternatives 750 V DC / 1.500 V DC / 25 kV AC
  • Operation Concept with Local and Rapid Trains
  • Recommendations for Vehicle Concepts
  • Comparison of signalling systems
  • LCC for all components
  • Potential Realisation of Integration into Israel Railways Network

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