The smoothiest process.

Only day-to-day operation can show what performance your system can deliver - and what it costs! All the more important for you to carefully double-check all preliminary decisions, since many parameters of the design phase can influence the economic viability of your transport system on a long-term basis.

You can't afford to have bottlenecks on the one hand and standstills on the other in your system. Good reason to have your lines and intersections tested for smooth operation! We supply you with reliable key figures for speed, travel times and connections - and make suggestions to optimize processes in terms of demand, frequency and tour scheduling.

You'd like to restructure and optimize your operation? You'd like to develop the solution in cooperation with your company's internal staff? We'll accompany this process, show you the options and support you with the analyses you need to reach the right decisions.

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  • Demand assessment & optimization
  • Operation concepts
  • Timetabling & scheduling
  • Ticketing & tariff concepts
  • Operation start-up
  • Emergency & safety concepts
  • Cost-benefit calculations

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Jörn Jaenecke, Dipl.-Ing.