The alternative engine.

Rail&Bus Consultants has been active in the public transport market for many years, delivering solutions for feasibility studies, system comparisons, operation planning as well as a complex procurement support.

The technical progress in the energy storage technology opens new opportunities in electrical mobility applications for public transport companies and industry providers worldwide. These opportunities however come along with the need for additional investment and the associated risks.  To make the right decision, one often lacks the practical experience in e-mobility operations or has to deal with topics that do not fall into one’s core business field.  We help to overcome these barriers.

We provide you know-how and advice that help you understand the market, calculate your chances and risks and make robust and sustainable decisions despite the volatile market context.

We analyze the public transport networks and identify the pilot lines with the best potential for the technological change.  We analyze the market and recommend the best suitable solutions. To make your project a reality, we help you identify funding opportunities and go through the funding application process. Finally we support you during the procurement to guarantee that the delivery is always result-driven and high-quality, sustainable solutions are implemented. 

Global markets and requirements across the world vary from country to country and differ substantially from those in Germany. Dynamic, rapidly growing markets often provide some absolutely new business potentials - specifically in the framework of innovative, ecologic oriented development of modern urban living environments. Based on our extensive international expertise we support such projects acting as the partner for comprehensive public transport system concepts.


  • Market overview and analysis
  • Investigation of line networks
  • Development of studies and integrated concepts
  • Identification of subsidies and preparation of application
  • Support of procurement process
  • Supervision of implementation

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Marc Herkenrath, Dipl.- Wirt. Ing.