Karachi Bus Rapid Transit

The City of Karachi is the capital of the province Singh and the biggest city in Pakistan with about 15 Million inhabitants. A BRT system of five to six lines is now under development to become the City‘s backbone public transport system. The Green and Orange lines will be the first to start operation. The focus is therefore set on the requirements of these two lines and the extendibility of the fare system to all BRT lines, including transfer interfaces to suburban rail, standard bus and feeder systems.

Rail&Bus Consultants GmbH as part of BLIC Group provides competence in specific PT operation-related aspects, specifically in development of fare structure as the basis for the design of the technical equipment of the fare collection system.

As part of its services Rail&Bus elaborated recommendation on the future Fare Structure and Ticketing Strategy for Karachi BRT system to lay the basis for the further planning of the IITS system. 


Feasibility Study for an electric bus operation in the City of Neuss

Stadtwerke Neuss SWN, the municipal public transport company in the City of Neuss, plans to introduce electric operation on their bus lines. 

The purpose of the feasibility study, performed by Rail&Bus Consultants, is to analyze the bus line network and to identify those lines that will best fulfil the requirements for a fully electric operation under consideration of the available technical solutions. The analysis is supported by cost assessment for the investment and the operation phases and the analysis of available options for public funding.

During stage 2 of the project stepwise implementation plans will be elaborated for the scenarios, proposed and agreed in stage 1.


Strategy Advice on Competitive Structures in Regional Bus Transport

The public transport authority Paderborn / Hoexter (nph) is responsible for the organization of public road-bound transportation in the region and in charge of the design of the regional bus services.

Rail&Bus Consultants analyzed market trends and recommended viable options to strengthen commercial viability of the regional public transport and to promote competition.


Implementation of the electrical bus operation in Jena

The German city of Jena is planning to introduce electric bus operation on one test bus line.

Rail&Bus Consultants supports the Client with a comprehensive overview of market-available technologies and products that have proven their availability and reliability. Backed by our extensive know-how of the manufacturing industry, different alternatives are evaluated and best-practice solutions are identified and demonstrated.


Jerusalem LRT System – Line 1

Line 1 of the Jerusalem LRT system is the very first Light Rail Transit system in Israel.

Due to the topography the alignment has slopes up to ca. 9%. The depot includes stabling area for the trains, a workshop for up to 100 vehicles and the Operation Control Centre.

Since commencement of commercial operation LRTC has supported the Client by monitoring LRT operation and providing expertise including consideration of the future development of the LRT system. In addition LRTC acted as technical expert for JTMT in the arbitration process with the Concessionaire.


Light Rail Transit (LRT) market analysis – private international operators / vehicle industry (rolling stock)

Under consultancy agreement with an international public transport operating company, Rail&Bus Consultants performed analysis of the Light Rail Transit market. The goal was to provide our client with a comprehensive overview concerning internationally active private LRT operators as the decision basis on possible long-term cooperation strategies.


Project Management during Implementation Phase

Real-Time Passenger Information System Upgrade

Our partner BLIC GmbH, Duesseldorf, supports a major municipal Public Transport Operator in Germany with the design, procurement and implementation of a large-scale extension and upgrade of its real-time passenger information system. The project started in 2010 and has been implemented so far in subsequent stages.


Development of an organizational structure - PTA, Saudi-Arabia

Rail&Bus Consultants together with their partners LRTC and Dornier Consulting have been appointed to develop the organizational structure for the new Public Transport Authority (PTA) for the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia and to define the processes required to manage the implementation and the operation of all public transport projects in the Kingdom.